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Roll Call

Author Anton Andreasson <anton at taiga dot org>
Full name Anton Andreasson <anton at taiga dot org>
Date 2002-07-23 04:00:14 PDT
Message Hi list. I'm new here and I just want to take the opportunity to
present myself briefly. My name is Anton Andreasson and I'm a
former employed web developer (no, I quit volunteerly ;) who just
found out about this project. I guess it's rather new, huh? Looks
promising anyhow, very mature all ready.

I have some knowledge based on experience with CSS from the time when
IE3 was still an issue to deal with and I also got some bad memories
from trying to add background images to table cells in NN4 etc.. :]

While I'm on the subject, I just downloaded the tigris.css file
(among others in that zip archive) and noticed a relative URL for the
background image(s). Did you actually get that to work in both
browsers? My experience tells me that NN must have the bg-images in
the same directory as the css-file and IE must have it in the same
directory as the html-file requested (or if it was the other way
around :) Just curious.

ok, see ya!

Dotcoms didn't make the world a better place.
They weren't trying to. Rest in Peace.

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Roll Call Anton Andreasson <anton at taiga dot org> Anton Andreasson <anton at taiga dot org> 2002-07-23 04:00:14 PDT
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