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CSS for Nescape4

Author slawsonb
Full name Bruce Slawson
Date 2002-06-21 15:39:14 PDT
Message I was wondering if there is a new and improved CSS that will work
reliably (don't care to much about looks) under Netscape 4? If I change
the ccs on the sampler.htm page to use
http://style.tigris.​org/nonav/css/ns4_on​ly.css, it does not display the
form elements in the "Framework" section.

Eighty percent of my users can use tigris.css, butI have a hardcore
group of Unix users that I need to support, so getting them to update
their browsers is not an option.


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CSS for Nescape4 slawsonb Bruce Slawson 2002-06-21 15:39:14 PDT
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