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Re: style project

Author todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net>
Full name todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net>
Date 2002-04-28 17:05:17 PDT
Message On Sunday, April 28, 2002, at 10:18 AM, Sundar Narasimhan wrote:

> Hi, Todd: I recently ran across style.. it looks like it could be
> useful for me -- since I'm just about beginning to convert over a
> couple of web apps that I have to CSS. I notice that there are no docs
> or guidelines on using style's (or tigris's) css.. perhaps I haven't
> looked at the right places?

No, it's really that the project is new and not yet documented. Or
rather, I suck at documentation and will seize upon any excuse not
to have any on hand. Others have been able to view source and go
from there, bringing up questions as they arise on the dev mailing
list. I'm sort of hoping that the mailing list archives morph into
a FAQ. Which is why I am cc'ing the users list on this reply.

For CSS basics, there are many good resources on the Web. Here's a
sampling, and feel free to ask me if you get stuck on anything in

Quick concept demos:

The specs:
     CSS-1: <http://www.w3.org/TR​/REC-CSS1>
     CSS-2: <http://www.w3.org/TR​/REC-CSS2/> (CSS-2 is a superset of 1)

Probably the best single reference (with mini tutorial, syntax
checker, etc):

     ; see also
     <http://www.westciv.c​om/style_master/hous​e/good_oil/> and near links

Also good:

Another resource compendium (unduly deferential to yours truly):

Thoughtful usage notes:

Some applications (no tables for layout, valid xhtml strict (mostly)):

A growing school of thought:

Good news:
(means MS is fixing longstanding CSS-1 bugs, so Mozilla, Opera,
MacIE, and
WinIE will finally not require fancy bug dodging)

> In any case, would you happen to have any pointer to how I can go
> about understanding and using style's css and related files?

er, see above. I recommend you subscribe to the mailing list(s),
skim the (still small) archives, and ask questions there after you
have gotten up to speed on the basic concepts of CSS.

Hope this is useful to you, Sundar.

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Re: style project todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> 2002-04-28 17:05:17 PDT
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