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heads up on new stuff


Author todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net>
Full name todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net>
Date 2002-08-28 09:17:40 PDT
Message i have created a /www/dev/ directory for reasons that are probably even
more obvious to the rest of you than to me: to have a www-shared place
where it's ok to be imperfect.

in this directory i have done some new stuff in address to a common
need: to provide a model for instance-specific departures from
tigris.css. people want to use tigris.css, but also to do their own
things. as tigris.css changes, there needs to be a clean way for people
to express and preserve their enhancements to it.

the method i recommend is demonstrated (in draft) at
<http://style.tigris.​org/nonav/dev/docs/s​ampler_inst.html>​. all the
collabnet/sourcecast-specific stuff here is expressed outside of
tigris.css, in a separately imported file called inst.css. inst.css
<http://style.tigris.​org/dev/css/inst.css​> is intended as an example -
something you run with and are responsible for. tigris.css itself has
become more generic - something you import and leave alone. its affect
is shown here:
<http://style.tigris.​org/nonav/dev/docs/s​ampler_tigris.html​>. the html
is unchanged between the two samplers given; all the difference is made
up of css. even the branding images shown in the "inst" example are
spec'ed in css - no img tags.

both new samplers show recent additions to the tigris widget set, too:
note the tree viewer, the "function bars", and an alternate table style.

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heads up on new stuff todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> 2002-08-28 09:17:40 PDT
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