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Re: dtds/xhtml, huh?


Author ianosh
Full name Pier Fumagalli
Date 2002-06-10 08:44:29 PDT
Message "todd fahrner" <tfahrner at collab dot net> wrote:

> On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 06:26 , Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>> All I can see, looking at the document is that it becomes with this
>> instruction:
>> <?XML version="1.0"?>
>> Good, since this is there (and no matter what encoding you want to use
>> in
>> your document, I can get that, and figure out that this is an XML
>> document)...
> Actually we don't use that. It's optional per W3C as long as our
> encoding is UTF-8 afaik.

I see that the <?xml ...?> declaration is optional, but can't find any
reference to the fact that it can be avoided for UTF-8 documents... Anyway,
it's optional and all the parsers default to your encoding, so no problem

>> So far, inside here, there's NOTHING absolutely which tells me that YOUR
>> document type (which, just appears to have the root element called
>> "html"),
>> is something "related" to the W3C HTML standard... Nothing...
> Would it satisfy you to see a namespace declaration on the html element,
> referring to the "real" xhtml? I held off because we define some
> proprietary attributes to avoid upsetting Nav4 holdouts, and I don't
> know the appropriate way to declare a namespace and then append to it in
> a manner that doesn't cause trouble with stupid browsers.

Todd, as I said it works (on all my browsers), so, it's not a problem
_for_me_ ... But I know that it _might_ have problems somewhere else,
because of the "wrong" document type declaration...

My best shot would be to ask to Stefano Mazzocchi <stefano at apache dot org>,
who's much more knowledgeable than me on how your html could be made
"compliant" with the W3C one... Treat it as a "bug report" from a user, but
far from that user to know the solution :) :) :)


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