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Re: changes, additions


Author Pete Kazmier <pete at kazmier dot com>
Full name Pete Kazmier <pete at kazmier dot com>
Date 2002-04-20 07:39:15 PDT
Message On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 07:52:46PM -0700, todd fahrner wrote:
> I reorganized the CSS internally into functional modules to make
> editing/overriding easier. There're also a few visual diffs,
> apparent in the sampler
> <http://style.tigris.​org/nonav/docs/sampl​er.html>: can you spot 'em?

For one, I notice that the horizontal area that holds the "Issue ID"
button and "Select Query" drop-down now extends the full width, before
this looked like it was an island stranded in the middle of the page.

> I added a markup validator interface to accompany the Tigris xhtml
> dtd - includes some docs. Sloppy html and CSS don't mix:
> <http://style.tigris.​org/nonav/docs/valid​ator.html>.

This is very useful!! Thanks!! I'm still thinking about how to best
structure our documentation over in Maven-land to make better use of the

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changes, additions todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> 2002-04-19 19:52:46 PDT
     Re: changes, additions Pete Kazmier <pete at kazmier dot com> Pete Kazmier <pete at kazmier dot com> 2002-04-20 07:39:15 PDT
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