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Welcome and a note


Author todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net>
Full name todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net>
Date 2002-03-28 19:53:19 PST
Message Hi folks.

Here's a note about proposed changes to our stylesheet
architecture. It's written with our SourceCast product in mind, but
the problems and proposed solutions are general enough that you'll
get it:


I'd add this to the s.t.o document repo if it wasn't so SourceCast
specific. Perhaps a sanitized version will follow with the same
basic information. But some discussion would be nice first.

Also, I just updated the sheets in the repo to the latest we're
using in-house. Mainly just color tweaks, but good'uns.

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Welcome and a note todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> todd fahrner <tfahrner at collab dot net> 2002-03-28 19:53:19 PST
     RE: Welcome and a note matthew Matthew Caillouet 2002-03-29 06:58:49 PST
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